Top 10 Container Store Must Haves

I was honored to be a part of the Container Store Ambassador program this year where I was able to organize so many spaces in my home. I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 must have products that I put to use in my own home. The Container Store has the best products to simplify your life and help keep you get organized.

1: Marie Kondo Birch Drawer Organizers

Knowing where your kitchen tools are is so essential. Being able to see them at a glance helps take the stress out of cooking and meal prep. This expanding drawer organizers will transform your kitchen!

2: Elfa Back of the Door Organizer

No storage space, no problem! Add extra storage to any room with this back of the door rack. This can be used for shoes, accessories and even toys.

3: 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Speaking of extra storage this rolling cart is the perfect solution and the best part is that it can roll anywhere. Use it in the playroom, bathroom, office or pantry.

4: Office Organizers

Ditch paper clutter for good with these well-designed office organizers. Organize bills, books, photos and more!

5: Pantry Canisters

Having clear containers in your pantry is essential for restocking and organizing. These canisters will not only keep your food fresh, but also add some style to your pantry as well.

6: Elfa Small Space Closet

Transform your dysfunctional entry closet into an organized workhorse. Space for coats, shoes, and more!

7: Gift Wrap Station

Take the stress out of any holiday by having all of your gift wrap supplies in one place.

8: 3-Tier Organizer with Drawer

This organizer makes storing cans, spices, and jars so simple. No wasted space or loosing items in the back of your pantry.

9: Elfa Decor Custom Closet

The Elfa closet systems are in my opinion the best custom closet systems around. Very easy to install yourself and there are so many options depending on your closet needs.

10: Nordic Baskets

These baskets are great for any space they are easy to clean and the holds provide great ventilation. I also love how simple and clean the design is.

Make sure you check out all of these items the next time you are visiting The Container Store.

Happy organizing friends!



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