Hey There, I’m Lindsey and welcome to Everyday Grace Designs. I am so incredibly happy to have you here! Everyday Grace has been on my heart for so long and now it is now finally a reality. This is a space where you will find inspiring ideas to help you simplify your life and create a happy home. I am passionate about design, family, and authentic living and I am excited to invite you to join me as I journey through life, motherhood, and all things home.

Most days you can find me at home in my yoga pants and messy bun chasing around toddlers while trying to live this one life to the fullest by making every moment count. As an Interior Designer and stay at home mom I am all about creating beautiful spaces that make you fall in love with being home! I truly love being home with my little ones and as a fellow mom of toddlers I want to encourage you that your house does not need to be perfect to feel like home. Inside every woven basket and underneath every knitted throw blanket you can bet there is going to be a mess of toys inside. My goal is not to create a picture-perfect home, but a home where family comes together, memories are made, and where everyday life is celebrated.

A little more about myself I am a wife, mama of 2 littles, homebody through and through, and a natural creative that loves making ordinary life a little more beautiful. For me there isn’t anything better than a cozy couch and my own bed! Our family lives right next to our hometown in PNW Washington and we are working on creating our forever home all while embracing a simple life. When I evaluate everything else in my life my heart does not beat stronger than when I am in the walls of my own home. I am so fulfilled when I am home with my family and flexing my homemaker gene. Interior design and motherhood are at the forefront of this passion, but all things including cooking, organizing, and yes even cleaning fuel my soul.

I hope to inspire everyday moms to create stylish and timeless home that are comfortable and hold space for real life and everyday living. Your home should tell your story, it should be an extension of the people inside and should reflect your spirit. Are you struggling to create a home that makes you never want to leave? One that tells your families story and is also inviting to your friends and family. Are you like me and are striving for a home the works for you not against you? I invite you to come along with me while I share hacks, DIY’s, and styling tips from an everyday mom with a passion for design. Through my own discovery of home, I hope to motivate you to create yours as well.

When I am not working in or on my home you can catch me spending time with my kids, cuddling my husband, or taking a bubble bath with a good book or podcast. I love to dive into a good personal development book and spend way too much time scrolling Zillow planning on how I would fix up every house I find. I feel strongly about personal growth and development and look for ways to improve myself and create an authentic life full of joy. Through the past 4 years since becoming a mom I have learned so much about myself, life, and motherhood. From natural childbirth, child development, self-care and everything in between I have developed tips, tricks, and simple mom hacks to get through the little years and find magic in everyday moments at home with my family.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

  1. I am an enneagram type 2! At my best I am kind and nurturing, at my worst I can be controlling and neglect my own needs.
  2. I have tangy taste buds. Bring me all the pickles, mustard, and sour treats!
  3. I am an avid learner and personal growth and development junkie.
  4. You know when you were little, and your mom told you never to cross your eyes or they will get stuck? There is some truth to that! When I was little, I developed crossed eyes and had to have surgery at the age of 6.
  5. I love living in and PNW and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I love that we experience all four seasons, just when I am growing tired of one a new one emerges.

I am excited to use this space to share all things creative. Whether it is sharing my design work, our home and DIY’s, event styling, or simply exploring a fun project with my littles I hope to inspire you to find the beauty and grace in everyday living. The small and simple moments in life are meaningful so let’s embrace and celebrate them! I hope you feel at home here and that you find something that encourages you, inspires you, or maybe just turns your day around!

Still here? Let’s connect!

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