Pantry Makeover

With back to school season in full swing I have been organizing like crazy! Our pantry was at the top of my list and needed a major overhaul. This pantry was pretty standard and nothing was organized, it was SO HARD to find what you needed. I decided that while we had everything cleaned out of it we should take advantage, and give it a little upgrade.

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Supplies needed:

Here was the pantry before, it was a disaster and everything was just crammed in. The shelves were good quality and sturdy, but definitely needed a refresh. The first step was to take everything out including the shelves.


We decided to add bead board to all the walls and paint the entire interior including the shelves a neutral grey/green. While my husband was busy installing the bead board and re-installing the shelves I got to work on the fun part! Time to start organizing and deciding on a system. You could literally spend $100’s of dollars purchasing brand new coordinating storage containers, or use what you already have and give them a fresh coat of paint. Simply spray painting all of your storage items to match will give your pantry the seamless organized look you are dreaming of.

Here is a before and after of how just paint transformed this space. Look at the difference, before these items were mismatched and a hodgepodge and now they look like an expensive set that could have been purchased all together.

Over the years I had collected multiple sets of kitchen jars and different shape, size, and color baskets. I used my favorite spray paint Krylon Fusion All-In-One in Satin Black for all of the storage containers and our step stool. This paint applies so well to difficult surfaces, such as plastics, without sanding or priming. I used about 3 cans of spray paint total for the containers, stool, and my DIY command board.

Here are my top tips for spray painting:

  • Always make sure to clean all of your items very well, if there is any dirt or debris it will be stuck on there forever.
  • Do thin light coats and build up to full coverage, this will avoid dripping.
  • Never stop moving the can while you are spraying, always go in continuous back and forth motion.

The back of any pantry door can also be a great opportunity for more storage. I decided to add a small command center on mine. If you want to see how I create this head over to the full post here.

I am so happy with how the pantry came out and it is so much more usable now. This project only took about 3 hours to complete and it will make my everyday tasks so much more enjoyable. Do you have a collection of containers that you could refresh and bring to life? How about a closet that has been neglected? I hope you embrace the power of paint, and that this project motivates you to use spray paint to create a happy home! 

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