4 Steps to Cleaning and Organizing Your Fridge

We finally purchased a new fridge and it gave me a new motivation to create a system when it comes to organizing our fridge.

Let me share quickly about our new fridge and the features that I am loving. We decided on the LG Counter-Depth Max model. I wanted a more built-in look without sacrificing space, so this was the perfect model. We also opted for the water and ice makers to be on the inside of the fridge (no more water on the ground from the front dispenser). I love how simple and clean this design is, and the space inside has been a game changer.

Needless to say, the new fridge got me motivated to edit and organize. My goal for the fridge was to be able to find things with ease, access healthier food more often, and create a system that was easy to maintain.

Step One: Edit

I suggest removing EVERYTHING from your fridge so you can start fresh. Wipe down sticky bottles and shelves, and ditch anything that’s past its expiration date. This process can also help you in terms of realizing which items are not being eaten so you can avoid buying them in the future.

Step Two: Organize

Once you have cleaned out and cleaned your space, it should be easy to group and zone the remaining items. My general categories are produce (fruit and vegetables separated), cheese, meat, leftovers, condiments, and beverages. Now you will set up each category in your fridge in a way that makes sense to you. I use our crisper drawers for fruit and vegetables, cheeses, and meats. The door compartments are great for condiments.

Step Three: Elevate

Each fridge is different, but there are some simple ways that can help maximize your storage abilities. Most have adjustable shelves so make sure you are adjusting these according to what works for you, don’t struggle with the stock configuration if things are not working. Another way to elevate your storage space is to add acrylic storage bins or baskets to further define the categories within your fridge. Pro tip for creating a fridge that is easy on the eyes is to remove what you can from its original packaging. Try prepping food and storing them in glass containers, this saves space and looks beautiful.

Step Four: Maintain

I think the hardest step in this process is keeping the fridge organized. It is a space that so many people utilize so the system can easily breakdown. Labeling your categories can help with this, but truthfully this may be an area of your home that just needs refreshing more often. Try setting up a regular routine (say when you get the monthly Costco haul) to reset and reevaluate your categories.

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