Kids craft area and organization

We created this desk area for the kids last year which they have put to good use, but I decided that it needed a little something extra! The kids are always drawing and doing crafts in this area so we needed some storage to keep all their supplies.


This project was super simple and only needed a few supplies.


  • Peg board
  • Paint
  • Peg board spacers and screws from National Hardware
  • Organizational bins and containers from National Hardware

The first step was to cut the peg board to size and install it with the special peg screws.

Once it was all set we removed the peg board in order to paint it. I suggest using a paint sprayer or even spray paint for this because standard paint can get stuck in the holes. Then we reinstalled the peg board once the painting was complete. Finally time for the fun part, time to organize all the supplies. I used a combination of hooks, jars, bins, and racks so there was a storage solution for all the different items.


Such a fun project! For more details check out my Instagram highlights for videos.



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