5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

Do you need to bring your bathroom back to life? Sometimes all that you need is a refresh to completely renew a space. Restyling is a great way to quickly make a space feel new again without re-doing everything. Here are a few ways that adding a few new accessories to your bathroom can make it feel fresh.

1. Add greenery or florals

Adding greenery and flowers is my go to answer to update any space. It brings the room to life especially in a bathroom! You can choose to add a living plant or a simple stem. I love styling a pretty vase or pot with faux or real florals on a sink countertop or shelf to give the room some color and texture.

2. Update your towels

Updating your space has just as much to do with how you feel in the space, not just what it looks like. Elevating your experience by investing in good towels will not only impact the design of the room, but more importantly the way you feel. The small details of a room can make such an impact. Creating a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom with a plush towel can make a world of difference.

3. Add pretty items that are functional

In a room as utilitarian as a bathroom it is important that you are adding pretty items that are also functional. Adding functionality to your bathroom space is essential in creating a space that serves its purpose. I love adding items that are beautiful but are also useful. An example of this is a bench next to the tub that houses regularly used items like washcloths, bath soaks, and candles. Storage baskets, boxes, jars, and trays are also a go to in bathrooms that add both form and function

4. Update your bath mats

Swapping out your standard bath mats for something more unique and special will completely transform your space. Bath mats can add so much texture and comfort to a bathroom that could often be cold and uncomfortable. Bath mats can also ground the space and can elevate the design of the room. Go for bathmats that have designer details such as a vintage pattern or woven texture.

5. Elevate your handwashing area

The secret to any good design is that it adds value to your life and improves your everyday experiences. A daily mundane task in a bathroom that can easily be elevated is your hand washing experience. Update your hands washing accessories by adding pretty soap dispensers, lotion, and maybe even some hand sanitizer. Thing about adding details that you would see in a high end spa, for example try rolling your hand towels and styling them in a basket next to the sink.

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