Adding Shelves to our Coffee Bar with Ultra Shelf

When we originally remodeled our home we completed the basic elements in terms of design because our main priority was to move in as quickly as possible because I had baby number 2 on the way. This means that our kitchen is a standard builder grade kitchen, and now that we have lived here about 2 years we are making some upgrades to create a more custom look. The one thing I love about my kitchen and design choices is that they are timeless which makes it so easy to switch up the décor according to new trends. I always recommend making neutral classic choices for the more expensive and permanent items in your home. For example in our kitchen we went with white cabinetry, subtle grey/white quartz countertops, and a grey backsplash. This makes for a great base of our design and now we are able to add additional elements to make it feel more custom and also add elements that are on trend in the moment without having to redo the entire kitchen.

One thing I knew I wanted to incorporate in the upgrade was to add more wood tones into the space. We first added these barstools which I love, but we needed some more warm elements in the space to really tie them in. My solution was wood floating shelves. Not only do I love the look of floating shelves, but adding another similar wood tone to the space is what it needed to feel more cohesive.

Our coffee bar nook was the perfect place for these floating shelves. Not only will they make a great focal point, but adding storage in this area was also a plus. We contemplated building these the shelves ourselves, but I wanted these to be sturdy and strong enough to hold heavier mugs and canisters. So I searched and found Ultra Shelf and I can’t recommend our new floating shelves enough! I got the Maple shelves in the Natural Stain. You’re able to customize the size to fit your space (our shelves are 31″ long by 8″ deep and 2″ thick). They come with a bracket and everything you need to hang them! The bracket is created with multiple holes so you are able to screw it directly into the studs no matter what. Here is a fun video of how we installed and styled the shelves. As you can see it was so simple!

Let me know what you think of the new shelves! 

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