This is Us

This is our little family of four and we want to welcome you to our home. We live in a small town in Washington State near our families and close friends. About 2 years ago we purchased our forever home on 2.5 acres and have been working together to create a beautiful home for our family. Our Daughter and Son are the center of our world, and we are the center of theirs.

I am the creative behind all our ideas and my husband is the muscle. I dream up these crazy design plans and he helps me make them happen. We have been loving every minute in our new home, from remodeling each room to growing a garden. Creating our home is something that we are passionate about and I’m pretty sure we’ll be renovating until the end of time.

Some fun facts about our family:

  1. We are a bilingual household
  2. Our family pets include our 5 friendly chickens and dozens of wild bunnies
  3. My husband and I first started dating when we were 13

I would love to know more about you and your family. Come connect with us over on Instagram @everydaygracedesigns



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