Renovation Reference Guide

Interior Design Renovation Reference Guide – $47 $27

This 18-page comprehensive space planning guide includes all the measurements and tips you need for your next design project. This is the handbook you need to take all the guess work out of your home renovation projects allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

This reference guide includes:

  • Kitchen layout and spacing recommendations and standard measurements (including standard cabinet information, clearance & spacing standards, countertop landing areas, and typical kitchen measurements to be aware of).
  • Bathroom measurements and recommendations for fixtures (Including standard vanity recommendations, size of shower niches, how far toilet should sit from the wall and more!)
  • Closet measurements (depths, heights, and standard spacing for clothes and storage)
  • General design fundamentals such as lighting and art placement, and much more!

*Measurements are based on the imperial system with metric conversions provided when possible.

This reference guide would be perfect for you if you are:

  • Starting a renovation or new build.
  • A DIY homeowner working on your own home.
  • Just staring your design career.
  • A Contractor or House Flipper.

This valuable resource will save you so much time during your renovation and make sure you get all your measurements correct! Eliminate stress and costly mistakes with this ultimate cheat sheet.

In this quick reference guide, I will break down not only standard measurements and practices, but my tips as an interior designer on how to create a functional home. No more searching the internet for design standards and debating which information is correct. I have put this together so that you have everything all in one place. This handy reference guide is based on my experience as an American Interior Designer and from my personal experience renovating my own homes.

Wouldn’t it feel great if you could…

Feel confident in your approach to designing your home and know exactly what the right design decisions are for your renovation project.

You’re probably one of two people:

#1: You love design, and you know how important it is to get the basics right!


#2: You struggle with design and need help understanding the basics.  

Either way, I got you.

This handbook is such a useful and valuable resource no matter what your experience level.

Did I mention it’s risk-free?

This guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.